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Productos Sanitarios Gallegos, S.L. is dedicated to the commercialization of hospital medical material.

Knowing that your future in the market is determined by the satisfaction of its customers, establishes and makes its quality policy public. This quality policy is encompassed in the organization’s strategy and provides a frame of reference to establish and review the strategic objectives of the organization and its quality objectives.


• The fulfillment of the legal, regulatory and regulatory requirements of application to the activity of marketing and distribution of medical-surgical material and with all the requirements that the organization signs related to its clients or interested parties.

• The contractual demands, needs and expectations of customers, as the main criterion for establishing the quality pattern of our services.

• The fulfillment of the requirements and the continuous improvement of all aspects of the quality management system establishing objectives focused on improving the effectiveness in the service processes and our management system, in this way we assume as the main objective the total satisfaction of our clients.

A consolidated trajectory


Prosaga, is a company born in 1990 to serve Galician health. Throughout these 33 years, the company has managed to consolidate in the market.


A consolidated trajectory.


About us


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